The Foundation Stone was laid for the all new JAT Stadium


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Prince Edward Earl of Wessex and Countess Sophie made a historic visit to the Sri Lanka Tennis Association (SLTA) on the 01st of February 2018, to lay the foundation stone for a modern Indoor Tennis Complex, a first in the country, on the northern end of the SLTA, adjoining Green Path, now Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha.

The proposed tennis complex will have five indoor and six floodlit outdoor courts with all modern facilities, which will play a vital role in moulding Sri Lankan future tennis stars. The estimated cost for the facility is Rs. 800 million and SLTA hopes to complete the facility within one and a half years.

Aelian Gunawardene of JAT Holdings was commend on coming forward as the developer of the complex of the Rs. 800 million Tennis Complex with floodlit courts, which will be a major leap forward for Sri Lanka’s tennis.

The facilities provided in the complex:

  • 5 brand new covered Tennis Courts of international tournament standards are designed overhead, with all attendant infrastructure for players, press and spectators.
  • The stadium will consist of 145,000 sqft of show room space..
  • The design increases, and improves onsite parking, aims to resurface and upgrade existing, ground level tennis courts, inclusive of flood lighting for night time play.
  • The refurbished clubhouse is re-designed to include a sports library, 100 pax conference and restaurant facilities.