JAT Holdings Managing Director Aelian Gunawardene speaks to Business Today

Founded by Aelian Gunawardene, for over 18 years, JAT Holdings has been active in providing wood care protection systems – “Sayerlack” – to the Sri Lankan market. JAT Holdings through the years has been able to consolidate the market for Sayerlack in Sri Lanka. JAT has also expanded its markets to Bangladesh, Maldives and India.


Sayerlack interior wood coatings provide a scratch-free, chemical and heat resistant surface to all interior wood. Being a two pack polyurethane lacquer, Sayerlack interior wood coatings can even be applied in rainy and cold weather. It dries very fast and can be packed for transport within eight hours of application.

Sayerlack’s High Scratch Resistant Top Coat wood care is the hardest scratch resistant top coat for wood up to date. Easy to apply and fast drying with anti-yellowing properties, it is dry heat and cold liquid resistant with long lasting durability.
JAT has also introduced a Water Based lacquer for Interior furniture from Sayerlack. These Water Based interior coatings have the same scratch,
heat and chemical resistant properties of a PU lacquer without having to use solvents. This is the most environmentally friendly “green” lacquer that is available to be used on all wooden surfaces.
Sayerlack Exterior Wood Coating – a water based lacquer – provides protection for all exterior woodwork. The product does not peel, crack or fade, as it is UV resistant. Even in high temperature tropics such as Sri Lanka, as it contains UV absorbers, Sayerlack, stands apart. Designed to minimise water saturating the coating, it also offers Borer and fungi resistant protection and long lasting elastic properties. The exterior wood work stays looking as good as new – all it requires as maintenance is that it be cleaned with a wood surface cleaning solution such as Sayerlack’s Detergent for Joinery and Glass HT8011 and washed off followed by HH8012 a water based revitalising lacquer for exterior applied by a cloth. Furthermore, all Sayerlack products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
“We believe in giving our consumers the
best there is – the brand names we represent and the products we market are of high quality that combines elegance with a fine finish. Our superior products backed by the advanced technical customer service provided by our extremely motivated and dedicated team is our biggest strength,” says Gunawardene,