Eames Tandem Sling Seating



Eames Tandem Sling Seating

Eames tandem sling seating serves millions of travelers every day and does it comfortably and reliably.

Designed for O’Hare International Airport in 1962, the sleek, contemporary design remains in style for all kinds of public transportation stations. Around the world, people find it a comfortable, inviting place to wait. And terminal operators appreciate its space-saving flexibility, durability, and easy maintenance.

  • Comfort
  • Design Story

Wide, padded seats and an open seat-to-back angle keep you comfortable, even when your flight’s delayed. The support beam design leaves plenty of room underneath for your carry-on luggage.

Charles and Ray Eames designed their tandem sling seating for Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in 1962 to address the need for comfortable, attractive, and sturdy public seating. They based the design on the sling system developed for their aluminum group chairs.


In 2009, the Chicago Architecture Foundation mounted an exhibit, ORD: Documenting the Definitive Modern Airport, and included a pair of Eames tandem sling seats along with an acoustic installation of airport sounds and historic photographs of the airport by Hedrich Blessing and Robert Burley.