SEA Kitchens

SEA Standard Kitchen


Each SEA Kitchen design is unique. Clear form language, straight lines and focus on functionality and individual requirements are characteristics of a SEA Kitchen design.The huge variety of elements and accessories as well as a selection of over 300 different finishes and hand picked materials makes the possibilities of a SEA German modular kitchen design infinite. Visit www.sea-group.de for more info.



What Makes us Exceptional


– Exclusive monobrand boutique stores, conceptualised fully by our team.

– Individual product design development.

– Premium rendering software & 3D Virtual Reality.

– German staff on the ground to enable a high end design & customization option and a unique end-consumer experience.



– Plyform carcass, specifically made for relative high humidity areas (unique product, no competition).

– Exclusive finishes in glass, solid wood and other materials resulting in the super premium range.

– Special units for local requirements e.g. gas cylinders, heavy duty grain pullouts, RO units, water dispenser units, etc.

– Unique wardrobe range especially designed for Asian market requirements (much more rigid, locks, integrated safes, humidity resistant etc).



– Dedicated direct team for large scale projects.

– Sales support from company side up to end consumer level.

– Direct local after-sales centres with fast response timing and order tracking.

Local German staff on the ground for marketing as well as know-how transfer.

– Focussed & trained in-house installation teams for retail as well as large scale projects.




The SEA Purista kitchen collection merges the kitchen and living space. With its perfectly studied proportions, clear design and straight lines the SEA Purista kitchen becomes the determining element in the room.



Contemporary (Modern)

The SEA Contemporary collection stands for a modern sophisticated look. A wide range of unique colours, materials and elements makes the possibilities of an elegant, functional and aesthetic design endless.

Contemporary_SEA Kitchen_Main


Vitange (Extravegent)

The SEA Vintage collection brings extravagancy to the living space. Frames, ornaments, decorative strips and cornices combined with the latest finishes are determining the vintage collection.



SEA Wardrobes

SEA Wardrobes stand for innovative and creative living spaces. Our modular wardrobe systems offer a new flexibility, which integrates design perceptions into form and function. Choose from a variety of designs, materials and accessories to create your individual wardrobe.


Cube is our timeless wardrobe system, which offers the ultimate in terms of flexibility.
The delicate external side panels add to the finesse. The shutters are available with handles or handle-less (push-to-open).





Motion embodies width and fluid movement. Its sliding doors follow a continuous and silent concept. It is a puristic eyecatcher. Its expansive width of up to 4 meters makes a bold statement. A wide selection of unique and fine selected materials and colours gives infinite options to meet the desired requirements.





Coplan combines technology, innovation and perfection.The state-of-the-art inline system creates a clean look with its leveled and linear surface. The mirror finish adds movement and depth and lends your living space a new magnitude. Coplan is precious and welcoming.


Visit www.sea-group.de for more info