Timber is a natural material, made to hold moisture, to expand and contract to cope with its environment. Interrupting the round shape of a timber log and placing it flat it in a foreign indoor setting, can lead it to warp and cup in protest, especially in the impressive wide planks so popular in contemporary and grand homes.

So Lifewood came up with a world-first solution.

In the current market, we had engineered timber flooring, usually a more affordable product, which aims to stop the natural warp and cup of the timber using simple engineering techniques.

Then, often top of the range, we had solid hardwood floorboards, which takes the best quality, best looking part of the tree and make it a board, the remainder of the trunk being discarded.

And now, we have a third category: The world’s most reliable and premium quality floorboard made using Stabilized Solid technology


The Lifewood “Stabilised Solid” Technology

We take one beautiful timber log …… and we make a beautiful timber floor.

We select the best quality, most striking-looking 30 per cent of the wood for the top plank of the floorboard. It is also a thicker plank than most floorboards on the market, so can be re-sanded many times if so desired.

We engineer the essential core layer of the board. Using another 40 per cent of same timber type, timber sections are laid and glued at right angles. This cross-layering gives the core the ability to yield to the natural movement of its environment, and yet hold this movement entirely within its core, so it does not affect the top and bottom layers of the floorboard. This detailed, extensive part of the process is precise and quality controlled with great attention.

Finally, the bottom layer of the floorboard uses the remaining 30 per cent of the timber resource. Using the same timber throughout the whole floorboard means we are locking in the inherent fibre strength the tree itself uses to remain straight and upright. As a result, there is balance and harmony all within the one board, by using the one timber.









  1. No cheap substitutes:Each layer uses the same hardwood, creating superior stability and a higher resistance to termites.
  2. Hand selected boards: Only the highest grade boards are selected for the top layer, creating colour consistency and a beautiful looking floor.
  3. Patented hardwood core: Our unique engineering method stabilises the board and prevents movement of the wood, which can result in cupping and shrinking.
  4. Totally sustainable:No part of the timber log is wasted. No other timber is required to
    construct our floorboards.
  5. Hard wearing coating:Our custom formulated coatings bring our floors to life, highlighting their natural beauty and protecting them from damage.
  6. Resandable : Our boards have a thick surface layer which can be sanded multiple times. Lifewood floors are designed to last a lifetime.
  7. Low emissions: We use very low emission glue that is safe in your home and guarantees the boards do not delaminate. There is also no need for coatings to be applied in your home.
  8. Moisture resistant: Our patented core design prevents moisture getting into the board. We then coat the entire board in a moisture barrier for added protection.
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