Hydro Plus Top Coat Natural-matt

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Sayerlack Hydro Plus Exterior Convereter/top Coat Natural-matt

Doors, Window frames and woodworks exposed to the outdoor environment and Interior furniture as well


  • Features & Benefits
  • Application
  • Mixing
  • No fading or rotting; resistance to rain water, UV rays, saltspray
  • Good Brushability due to excellent self-leveling
  • High Spreading rate (12 – 18 m2/kg)
  • Good light fastness
  • It includes iron oxide pigments which can protect from sunlight
  • Also it includes preservative which will stop fungus.
  • Suitable for Brush Application
  • Sand Up to 180 sand paper and Apply 2 coats at 50g/m2
  • Between coats: allow one hour drying and sand 320 grit sand paper

Ready to use. If thinning is required add 5 – 10% water