Neutral Wood Stain (Exteriors)

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Sayerlack Hydro Plus Exterior Penetrative Preservative Wood Stain Natural System

Wooden items exposed to the outdoor enviornment, specially for Timber decks and any other Exterior furniture with Natural finish


  • Features & Benefits
  • Application
  • Mixing
  • No fading or rotting;
  • Good Brushability due to excellent self-leveling
  • High Spreading rate (12 – 18 m2/kg
  • Minimizing of the timber cracking due to wood fiber stabilizer content in the stain
  • The only stain for Long lasting protection of Natural finish
  • Prevent resin coming out from wood. Zinc oxide content in the stain functions as a barrier.
  • Resistance to thermo shocks
  • Application method is Brush
  • Sand Up to 180 sand paper and Apply 2 coats at 65g/m2
  • Between coats: allow one hour drying and sand 320 grit sand paper

Ready to use. If thinning is required add 5 -10% of water