Are you certain your household furniture is protected with the best?

Sayerlack Polyurethane (PU) coatings are immensely popular because of the many benefits and advantages associated with its use, including the superior level of protection it provides. During application, the coating creates an impermeable barrier between the elements and the object it’s covering. With its smooth, hard surface, polyurethane (PU) seals out the contaminants. It provides protection from humidity and oxidation, which can cause decay. Sayerlack PU is solely used on interior furniture.




The solvent coating has a high gloss retention and it can be applied in any weather condition. Furniture coated in PU can be packed and transported after 8 hours of application. The signature aspect of Sayerlack PU is that an excellent finish can be obtained with a minimum number of coatings.

In order to know if you have bought an original piece of furniture, coated in genuine Sayerlack products, look for the copper badge that will be affixed to the furniture. This mark of excellence symbolizes that the manufacturer purchases and applies Sayerlack PU according to the international standard. JAT Holdings has granted authority to specific manufactures to carry this badge in all their PU furniture across stores island wide.

Sayerlack PU_Badge_JAT_Holdings





Sayerlack Polyurethane (PU) enables the transformation of any wooden surface; be it MDF or Teak into whole other surface textures. With its different textures and finishes, Sayerlack PU is the most sought out brand to coat indoor furniture.