A Decade of Success in Bangladesh

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It has been 10 years since JAT Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. first stepped into the Bangladeshi arena as a pioneer in the wood coating industry. This decade has seen exponential growth and has resulted in the brands introduced by JAT being the most sought after in the hotel, home improvement and furniture industries.
JAT’s bustling hub in Dhaka educates local carpenters from A to Z on wood coatings and the proper climate and/or geographically appropriate application method. With many notable projects under its belt, JAT Bangladesh has a loyal customer base that has been on this 10 year journey hand-in-hand with the company.
With this successful expansion, JAT Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. has a platform to continuously contribute to the nations’ exports and foreign currency inflow. This has also opened doors to enable the company to expand expand into the other regions in South Asia.